Pilot Information

Fixed wing ops: Use caution Use caution (see below)    Helicopter ops: Use caution Use caution (see below)

Runway in use: 03L, circuit direction: LH, closing at: 1800.

Information current as of 16:19 on 27/03/2017 (local).

Additional information

Mon 27th March 2017

Met Observation  1620 06009KT 9999 Nil SCT010 (Est) 1020/1005 PS09/PS06

Met Warnings ~   Nil

Helicopter Circuit ~ RH

RFFS Category ~ 2

Sunset ~ 1929

Warnings (See below for 2 Excel programme) ~  

1. All Fixed wing & Microlight pilots departing on runways 21R, 21L and 23 are requested to climb straight

ahead to 500 feet before turning

2. Rwy 15/33 now PERM closed due to hangar construction in the SE corner (L5360/16)

3. A Quadcopter will fly over Sywell Reservoir weekdays 1330-1440 max height 300' AGL

4. Rwy 03L/21R WIP AGL installation

5. All grass areas unfit Ops

6. All aircraft landing on 03L will need to backtrack. NO vacating right onto the grass due soft surface conditions.

7. When serviceable, use of the grass runways will now be limited to essential types only for the winter months (i.e. Tiger Moths, Microlights during strong wind conditions.)

8. New Grass Rwy 14/32 being created to the east of the old 15/33, initially marked with traffic cones prior to chalk marking.

9. Rwy 03L/21R New PERM Runway edge, threshold and touchdown lights installed. Exercise caution when turning or vacating this runway.

10. Revised Helicopter Joining Procedures. See NOTAM L0885/17 PERM

NOTAMS. Pilots are responsible for making a more comprehensive check.

1.   Cranfield strictly 24 Hr PPR due staffing issues Valid to 1630 31st Mar (L7594/16) 

2.   Spare

3.   Leicester Fixed wing circuit height now 1200' QFE PERM (NOTAM L3362/16)

4.   Spare

2 Excel Programme (Aerobatics may take place during AFIS hours 3nms radius ARP up to 5000' AGL UK AIP AD2-EGBK-1-5 Para 4e refers) No movements permitted during displays.) 


SLOT 1 1100-1120; SLOT 2 1300-1320; SLOT 3 1500-1520 (all times local)

Mon 27th Mar - All three slots  

Tue 28th Mar - All three slots 

Wed 29th Mar - Nothing planned

Thu 30th March - All three slots

Fri 31st March - All three slots 

Sat 1st April - Nothing Planned

Sun 2nd April - Nothing Planned

Aerodrome Events

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