Pilot Information

Fixed wing ops: OK OK    Helicopter ops: OK OK

Runway in use: 05, circuit direction: RH, closing at: 1800.

Information current as of 12:58 on 18/10/2017 (local).

Additional information

Wed 18th October 2017

***Movement Restrictions Mon 30th Oct, Mon 13th, Tue 14th, Wed 15th, Thu 16th Nov (See Below)***


Unofficial Met Observation1255 07006KT 9999 Nil BKN005 Est QNH1011 QFE 996 PS10/PS08

Met Warnings ~   FOG LESS THAN 600M MAY OCCUR. VALID 1300-2359.

RFFS Category ~  2

Helicopter Circuit ~ LH

Sunset ~ 1802

Warnings (SeE below for 2 Excel programme) ~  

1. All Fixed wing & Microlight pilots departing on runways 21R, 21L and 23 are requested to climb straight

ahead to 500 feet before turning

2. Movement Restrictions ~ The AD will be closed to all movements (including ground runs, engine starts etc) during the following times;

Mon 30th Oct 0800-1700, Mon 13th Nov, Tue 14th Nov, Wed 15th Nov, Thu 16th Nov daily 0800-1130  

3. A Quadcopter will fly over Sywell Reservoir weekdays 1330-1440 max height 300' AGL

4. Tue 7th Nov - No Fire and Rescue available, staff training day at Luton. No JETA1 refuelling available.

5. Sywell NDB U/S TFN

6. Please avoid trampling freshly chalked markings and avoid running up engines to high power in front of runway designators.

7. Sat 21st & Sun 22nd Oct AD not available to acft requiring a Licensed AD

8. New Grass Rwy 14/32 now marked, awaiting Licensing.

9. Rwy 03L/21R New PERM Runway edge, threshold and touchdown lights installed. Exercise caution when turning or vacating this runway.

10. Revised Helicopter Joining Procedures. Heli ATZ Entry/Exit points now via "Heli East, Heli West, Heli Northeast"

NOTAMS. Pilots are responsible for making a more comprehensive check.

1.   Spare

2.   Coventry All instrument procedures and ATC services withdrawn. Air Ground service only now available. Changes to RFF Category.

3.   Spare

4.   Spare

2 Excel Programme (Aerobatics may take place during AFIS hours 3nms radius ARP up to 5000' AGL UK AIP AD2-EGBK-1-5 Para 4e refers) No movements permitted during displays.) 


SLOT 1 1100-1120; SLOT 2 1300-1320; SLOT 3 1500-1520 (all times local)

Weds 18th Oct - Two acft to EGLF (poss)

Thu 19th Oct - All 3 slots

Fri 20th Oct - All 3 slots

Sat 21st Oct - Nothing planned

Sun 22nd Oct - Nothing planned

Mon 23rd Oct - All 3 slots then Dep to EGXP

Tue 24th Oct - 1 acft to EGXP Display at EGXP

Wed 25th Oct - Arr from EGXP

Thu 26th Oct - TBN

Fri 27th Oct - TBN

Sat 28th Oct - Nothing planned

Sun 29th Oct - Nothing planned

Aerodrome Events

Please see the events page.